What is Lushice?

Lushice is a range of dairy-free sorbet for grown-ups.  The flavours are based on popular cocktails Mojito, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri and Margarita.

The Mojito sorbet won a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards 2013.

The Margarita sorbet won a Gold Star at the 2014 Great Taste Awards.

They are made with quality fruit purees and juices sourced from the West Country, and have a smooth and refreshing texture.

With less than 2% alcohol, Lushice are only a little bit naughty.  You can be under 18 and enjoy them, but really Lushice is a frozen treat to be enjoyed by grown-ups.

Lushice is a British product and we are currently working on a few new flavours to add to the range.