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Hi Lushers

We want to invite you to our latest event with our lovely stockists Partridges Foods of Sloane Square:

Join us at their Duke Of Square location on Thursday 26th March for some drinks and nibbles: All the information is on the invitation, hope to see some of  you there!


What does your cocktail say about you?

If you order a Margarita you are… likely to be in the mood for dancing!  The party girl.  Margarita glass.  Salt rimmed.  Lime and tequila.  Party time.  You probably love travelling.  Tequila makes you happy.  Imagine Mexican sombreros and listening to the guitar.  Ariba!

If you order a Strawberry Daiquiri you are… a professional holiday maker!  The girly girl.  Wide rimmed glass.  Strawberry garnish.  Blended with as much ice as possible.  Sweet tooth.  One to enjoy with the girls. You probably love listening to pop music.  Imagine Miami heat and tall palm trees.

If you order a Mojito you… love entertaining!   The fashionista.  Tall glass.  Classic cocktail.  A labour of love for any cocktail maker.  Refreshing lime.  Fresh Mint.  The most popular drink ordered in the city of London.  Imagine Cuban cars and Cuban cigars.

If you order a Pina Colada you are… wishing you could escape somewhere hot.  The sun worshipping bombshell.  Curved glass.  Cherry on top.  Tropical.  Exotic.  Living life to the full.  Imagine Puerto Rican parrots and sand between the toes.

(Inspired by a blog we saw on Buzz Feed and Hot Bar Chick – Thanks!)

London Cocktail Week 6th – 12th October

One to try at home…

In celebration of the Lushice Margarita sorbet winning a gold star at this year’s Great Taste awards and London Cocktail Week 6-12th October, here at Lushice HQ we have a quirky recipe to show case our love of food and drink.

Not everyone is a lover of oysters, however everyone will agree that today oysters are seen as a luxury item and mostly eaten when dining out in expensive restaurants.  So why not try and bring a little restaurant luxury into your home.  Decide to throw a dinner party for some friends this October, or any other month that has an “R” in it.  Buy a dozen oysters and place them beautifully on a large plate.

So our naughty twist is this, whereas some people eat oysters with a squeeze of lemon, tabasco, shallots or simply fresh as they are opened, we have found an  accompaniment with a LCW twist; Lushice Margarita sorbet.   Scoop a small ball of the Margarita sorbet on each one, garnish the plate with some limes and serve immediately.  The tequila, lime, salt and orange in the sorbet compliment the oysters and enhance their fresh flavour.

Wishing you all a very merry London Cocktail Week,

Love team Lushice

Marg + fruit


Lushice had a great time over in Ibiza this Summer.. We said goodbye to London based #lushfridays and hello to #lushholidays!

Ibiza Delivers supply groceries directly to your villa or yacht and we are proud to say Lushice sorbets are also

on the list so go check it out before the summer is over!


Friday 8th August #lushfridays

Snapshot of all the naughty ladies at Quintessentially Travel with their Lushice sorbets as part of


Looking good girls!!!

Quintessentially Travel

#lushfridays LAUNCHES 1st August

#lushfridays launched its Office Drops last Friday with a bang!

Here is a DELICIOUS snap shot of the Friday 1st August office members with their Lushice pots… A very special Friday treat that’s just a little bit naughty and especially for grown-ups!

Field Candy Festival

field candy logo

As a big festival lover, it was such fun to be part of the Field Candy Festival party in June!  Personalised tents for any age!  Personally a BIG fan of the watermelon tents or maybe it would be fun to get a Caribbean scene tent made for a little Lushice sorbet on the beach escapism!  LOVE!  Well done guys … genius idea xx

FieldCandy1 - tents



Drifters Festival – Osea Island

Cocktail sorbets

Thank you to all the organisers of Drifters Festival for getting the little Lushice pots over to the magical and wonderful Osea Island.  We hope they were a refreshing treat on the sunny Sunday for all the guests, after a long bank holiday weekend of dancing and having fun…. until next year Drifters!!

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